Products and Services

Airfluids works very closely with their customers to determine which of our products, and formulations are most suited to the requirements of their market.

Airfluids will custom design new formulations and additive products to satisfy our customer’s requirements.


  • AirsolvCombination of emulsifiers, solubilizers, surfactants, and detergents for the application in washes, and cleaners in the Graphic Arts industry, and Institutional cleaning. 

  • Airprint - Additives for fountain solutions, which combine, surfactants, solubilizers, and gum coatings. 

  • AirplateAdditives for plate cleaners used in the Graphic Arts industry, which combine surfactants, detergents, solubilizers, and hydrocarbon solvent substitutes.

  • AirfoamDefoamers, silicone oil free for use in fountain solutions, and Institutional cleaning.

  • AirsilAdditives for silicone emulsions used in web printing presses, in the Graphic Arts industry, which combine anti-statics and solubilizers.

  • AirstatAnti-stat used in the Graphic Arts Industry and Institutional cleaning.